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Fundraising Tips

1. Start Now.

The sooner you start asking, the more money you will raise. Take advantage of the tools we have provided such as the Irish Pub Tour de Shore video, our Facebook and Twitter links, and email everyone you know asking for support!

2. Develop a list of prospective donors.

Start with your email address book and also think about which clubs and organizations you belong to.  This website allows you to import you entire address book, as well as link your Facebook or Twitter page to your account. Then, contact everyone you know. You'll be surprised who gives!

3. Customize your personal fundraising webpage.

The most compelling fundraising pages tell a story about why you are participating.  Include photos, videos and anything you can think of to show your passion and enthusiasm for the ride.  Update your Donor Drive page, or your social media site, with information about training, progress, or challenges so that your friends and family can stay engaged throughout your fundraising effort.

4. Don’t be shy about asking!

In addition to sending out an email through the website, don’t forget to follow-up. Ask, ask, and ask again at every possible opportunity.  Don't be shy about asking more than once. You’re enthusiasm will be contagious!

5. Inquire about matching gifts.

Ask your employer if your company offers matching gifts. Ask your family and friends if their employers/companies offer matching gifts. This can increase your fundraising efforts enormously!

6. Social Media, Social Media, Social Media…

Use status updates on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to update friends on your fundraising and provide a direct link to your fundraising webpage. Use these tools to subtly encourage your friends and family to make a donation. Social media is a great way to stay in front of people without making a 'hard ask'.

7. Get creative and make it fun!

·         Ask your boss if you can have a casual Friday, if they participate they must donate $5.

·         Add the URL for your fundraising webpage to your email signature.

·         Go to your favorite store and ask if you can put a donation can in their store.  Or better yet, give out "piggy banks" and ask people to save their change (or allowance) for a few weeks.

·         Throw a Fundraising Happy Hour!  Many of our teams have hosted very successful fundraising happy hours.  Ask your local bar if you can get some drink specials and put a can or two around to collect donations.  Or have one at the Irish Pub! We’d be happy to support you in your fundraising efforts! Call 215-568-5603 and ask for Allie to learn more.






Stay Tuned for Great Fundraising Incentives and Opportunities!




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