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What is the Irish Pub Children's Foundation?


The Irish Pub Children's Foundation (IPCF), Inc. is a Tri-State based charity dedicated to helping children in need throughout the region. As a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the IPCF has worked with a number of local charities benefiting countless number of children. With a history spanning over two decades, the IPCF continues its mission to improve the lives of children in the Tr-State area. 


The Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey Area, like so many others, has been struck with the tragedy of losing police officers and fire fighters in the line of duty. For the past 27 years, the IPCF has hosted the Irish Pub Tour de Shore to honor these fallen heroes and their children.


What is the Irish Pub Tour de Shore?

The Irish Pub Tour de Shore was created in 1988 when Cathy Burke and Mark O'Connor, owners of the Irish Pub, were looking for ways to give back to the community and bridge the gap between the Irish Pubs in Philadelphia and Atlantic City. 

The event has grown from 20 riders or so our first year to just over 1,700 riders this past July. Needless to say, what was once a casual ride for 20, has become a staple in the Philadelphia community every summer. To better direct and manage the funds raised, the partners of the Irish Pub restaurants created the Irish Pub Children's Foundation. 


Every year, the Irish Pub Children's Foundation asks its neighbors to get together and give back to our community with our annual Irish Pub Tour de Shore, a 65-mile bike ride from the Irish Pub Philadelphia to the Irish Pub Atlantic City. There are four rest stops along the way and at the end of our ride we host our legenedary after party where particiapants and their families and friends can enjoy food, beverages and great raffle prizes!


The IPCF staff, with advice and direction from the Board of Directors, is responsible for all aspects of planning, organizing and conducting the ride. It is the board, volunteers and the community that we serve who are responsible for the success and longevity of our ride. 


Where do our funds go?

Throughout our history, we are proud to say that the Irish Pub Children's Foundation has raised over $3.5 million and net over 80% of all funds raised, putting us on the top-tier of all non-profit organizations.


Last year, we were able to give back to 23 local children's charities. To view the 2013 IPCF Beneficiaries, click here.  


The money raised by the IPCF is also given directly back to the children who have lost a parent in the line of duty in the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey Region by providing an immediate grant of $5,000 to their families.


Last year...

In 2013, for our 26th annual Irish Pub Tour de shore with the help of our riders, volunteers, sponsors and community we raised over $624,000.  This means:


Our goal this year...


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