Bridging The Gap

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The Police Youth Alliance, launched in 2015, is an initiative of the IPCF to bridge the gap between police officers and children in disadvantaged neighborhoods. The foundation is working with neighborhood schools to create programs taught by police officers that have appeal to the students, such as art, music, chess and dance. In partnership with the Philadelphia Police Department and Independence Mission Schools, this initiative was designed to create opportunities, through education, for police officers and students to interact in a positive manner. In 2017, we added our first program in the Philadelphia Public School System.

The goal of this program is to foster positive interactions between kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods and the police patrolling in the area. The hope is to begin to change the current dynamic and bridge the gap between police officers and the community.

In President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, in which Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey was a part of, they stated “Law enforcement agencies should create opportunities in schools and communities for positive, non-enforcement interactions with police.”  The “Police Youth Alliance” was created by the Irish Pub Children’s Foundation in response to this statement and due to growing tensions between inner-city communities and law enforcement in recent years.

This initiative has been given the full support of Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

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2017 Police Youth Alliance Programs

St. Martin de Porres, 22nd District
St. Malachy, 22nd District
Holy Cross, 14th District
St. Frances Cabrini, 19th District
St. Rose of Lima, 19th District
St. Veronica, 25th District
Our Mother of Sorrows, 16th Distritct
St. Gabriel, 17th District
St. Thomas Aquinas, 17th District
W.C. Longsreth, 12th District 

St. Martin de Porres (four individual classes), 22nd District
St. Malachy, 22nd District
Holy Cross, 14th District
Our Mother of Sorrows, 16th Distritct
St. Frances Cabrini, 19th District
St. Gabriel, 17th District
St. Thomas Aquinas (two individual classes), 17th District
St. Barnabas, 12th District

St. Barnabas, 12th District
St. Veronica, 25th District

St. Martin de Porres, 22nd District
DePaul, 39th District
St. Frances Cabrini, 19th District

St. Martin de Porres, 22nd District

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